Miles for Wellness Activity Conversion Chart

Miles for Wellness
Activity Conversion Chart





Level 1

Light Activity

Golf without cart, walking in place, slow treading in pool, water aerobics, rowing (kayaking, canoeing), Frisbee golf, softball/baseball

20 minutes of Activity = 1 mile

Level 2

Moderate Activity

Weightlifting, shoveling snow, dancing, racquet sports, yoga, skiing easy, ice skating recreational, swimming, handball, hiking

20 minutes of Activity = 2 miles

Level 3

Vigorous Activity

Exercise classes: i.e. (spinning, Zumba, kickboxing, circuit, kettlebells), basketball, soccer, cross country skiing, swimming laps, competitive dancing, mogul skiing

25 minutes of Activity = 3 miles

Conversion chart based on CDC, ACSM & OSHR guidelines.

Additional conversion guidelines and examples:

  1. When walking or running, report actual miles.
  2. When biking, report 1 mile for every 3 miles biked. (3:1 ratio)
  3. When playing 25 minutes of a one hour basketball game, report 3 miles for time played

For more information or examples of activities and their intensity levels visit these links: