Just What the Doctor Ordered!

Has anyone ever told you to “Take a Hike?”


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Well, actually, it is great advice! But here at Prescription Trails, or ‘Script Trails, we say “Take a Walk!” A hike is not the only way to get healthy and stay healthy and hiking is not for everyone. Walking, however, is great for everyone and is a terrific way get out, get healthy, make new friends, and simply turn the busy world off for a few.

‘Script Trails is a new program to encourage everyone, young or mature, to simply
“Get Out and Walk!”

For Families, Groups, Kids, Teens …

Walking, skipping, biking, hiking, paddling, & running, are all excellent activities for families. Parents that play and have fun are more likely to have kids that play and have fun. Play is a vicious cycle. It is important for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins to play! Think about play and time for physical activity as time that you are setting aside to talk, teach and learn from each other.
‘Script Trails activities are meant for all groups. Classes, support groups, group therapy, can all use Prescription Trail resources.

Meet for a walking meeting! Kids and Teens; have a hiking birthday party or after school activity on a trail.